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BAD CREDIT?? At Legacy we take pride in our credit repair services. Get updated or removed, we get your credit scores increased quickly. 


Our team will get the maximum return for you or limit your amount due. Let us ease your mind and prepare your taxes for you at a low rate. 

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Legacy works to teach you #MoneyMoves you may not have known. It's time to do better. With a personal financial coach guiding you to the financial life you deserve. It's time to have something to show for your hard earned money. With our S.A.V.E.D. Method you are sure to have exactly what you've dreamed in the quickest time possible.

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Sabrina Green

Hello! I'm Sabrina Green I founded Legacy Financial Services to help everyday individuals get rid of their financial stress and walk into their financial winning season. I am the creator the the #MoneyMoves course, a 6-week online intensive financial blueprint that helps people learn how to tackle their finanicial issues so they can be better established and financially ready for the life they dream of. 

I help people determine their current financial position and increase from there. I am skilled in accounting, budgeting, credit repair, and family protection and have helpled others grow through action and knowlege, towards their current financial goals of getting out of debt, purchasing a home, establishing a savings, and improving their credit score.  

With over 11 years in the corporate accounting I have worked with companies in financial tracking and maintaining their cash flow. Legacy Financial Services was started in 2017 so everyday people in the community can have an accessible resource. I am here to serve the hard working individuals who may need financial education and assistance to keep more money in their pockets.

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